Back to Eden Film Review

Back to Eden film

Back To Eden is a documentary about organic gardening. It is by far one of the most eye opening and thought provoking films about gardening ever made. “Back to Eden Film shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive growing methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.” After viewing this film you will better understand how to achieve incredible results with less work and how to do things as nature really intended!

Back To Eden with Paul Gautschi

Back To Eden takes place in Washington state at the home of Paul Gautschi. He shares his methodology for growing his own food as he models his processes after mother nature. After years of traditional labor intensive gardening he came to the realization that no one labors in the wild and everything grows just fine. We have been taught that plants need fertilizer to grow yet no one is fertilizing plants that are growing in the wild. The cycle of nature starts with a germinating seed, a plant grows, the plant dies in part or in whole and drops to the ground. The plant decomposes returning organic matter to enrich the soil which provides the medium for seeds to germinate and start the process all over again.

Paul’s homestead is for the most part a closed loop system. All excess plant material is fed to his chickens which in turn provide manure that is used to top dress beds. All excess plant material from pruning, harvesting etc is fed to the chickens or shredded and used to top dress the beds. As the organic matter breaks down it provides nutrients as well as the optimal compost medium for growing plants.

Nature is Essentially a Closed Loop System

In the wild there is no fertilizer input necessary. Nutrients are taken up by plants and used to grow. They are inherent in the tissues of the plant and released when they die and break down through the decomposition process. If fruit is produced and eaten by animals, the nutrients are returned to the soil through their manure. Therefore we can derive that plant material and manure provide all the nutrients necessary for plants to grow and be healthy.

No one waters the plants in the forest. The organic material that has built up on top of the sub-soil holds the moisture after it rains and is sufficient for the plants to drink. The top layer will be the first to dry out which then protects the many layers of moist decomposing organic matter below the surface. Unless you are growing in extremely dry areas of the world, Paul’s methods do not require any water inputs.

One with Nature

“We work so hard to fail” Paul states of traditional gardening methods. If we just look at what nature is doing and copy the process then the results should be the same. Lush growth with little extra effort!

Start by watching the movie which can be seen at and see for yourself how incredibly easy and productive his methods are. Paul is such a giving person that his motives are to educate the masses so they can replicate his results. He is very thankful for what he has learned and able to convey. Thank you Paul for opening everyone’s eyes!

 Although Back To Eden can be watched for free, investing in the DVD ensures that you have access to Back To Eden even if you do not have access to the internet or a good enough connection to stream movies. The DVD is a great way to watch at your leisure with family and friends. They are also great for the less tech literate and make a great gift too!


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