Review of the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 Post Puller

Does the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 post puller work well for pulling out posts?

We had about 40-50 t-posts that needed to be removed and re-purposed elsewhere on the property. My buddy and I dug a few out while leveraging them back and forth. It was a chore to say the least! I researched for a better way. There are a few different post pullers on the market while the industrial ones being cost prohibitive for my purpose. Beyond pulling these t-posts out I do not foresee using a post puller often. Hence, cost was definitely a consideration. We purchased the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 and it performed better than expected! Learn about our experience and view the video to see it being used in action!

Pulling T-Posts with Ease!

Prior to this project I have never had the need to pull a quantity of t-posts. I asked my neighbor how he was going about it as I saw he recently made some adjustments to his fence line. He looked at me, smiled and pointed to his biceps. I learned quickly I needed some mechanical help if I expected to live through pulling 40-50 t-posts. Unfortunately, I don’t have a front end loader or other equipment at my disposal.

The video shows me on site removing the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 from its box for the first time. I did not perform any trial runs. You are watching my first time use in real time. As you can see there are not a lot of moving parts, no assembly required and removes t-posts with relative ease. After demonstrating the removal of a few posts and gaining experience with the tool, I quickly learned how to become proficient and provide tips on how to best use the post puller.

The video is a must see for those that have some t-posts to remove and trying to decide the best approach. As mentioned in the video we did have a lot of rain (4-5 inches) in the several days prior and the ground was definitely saturated. My assumption is that it made my job easier. If your results are different try creating similar conditions. Either wait until after much rain or apply a quantity of water around each post prior to removal.

Ordering the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 Post Puller

It seems that Amazon has the best price available although it can also be ordered through some of the big box store’s websites. Amazon prime works great and will be shipped USPS Priority mail for no extra charge and will arrive lickety split. Or with a total purchase of $35 shipping through Amazon will be free for those that are not members of the prime program. As always we appreciate using our affiliate link as we will receive a small stipend which helps to offset the costs of this site.

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