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Happy new year from SubTerra Organics, let’s make 2017 a great one together! We understand that times are tough as we are consumers just like you. One of our resolutions for this year is to become ever increasingly more sustainable by continually expanding our stock of perennial edibles and medicinal plants as well as beneficial insect attracting plants and flowers. Every person prepping or homesteading along with the permaculture enthusiast should embark on this journey with us by adopting a similar resolution. In these tough times we want to help by educating our readers and subscribers as well as providing a giveaway opportunity to get the featured plant for free!

Each month throughout 2017 we will highlight a different plant of the month in a website post and video on our YouTube channel. We’ll describe how and why it fits into our garden landscape. We’ll highlight the benefits and potential detriments so that you can decide if you should be growing it in your garden or on your homestead. Those of you with the survival and prepping mentality should consider including these plants in your shtf plan for survival food and emergency essentials. Best of all to further help out we are going to giveaway several of the highlighted plants for free!

Free plants Giveaway for 2017 from SubTerra Organics

Now for the small print. Approximately the first week of each month throughout 2017 we will highlight 1 different plant and make at minimum of 1 post on our website, a post on the SubTerraOrganics Facebook page as well as a video for the plant of the month on the SubTerraOrganics YouTube channel. We will state that we are running a giveaway drawing at the end of the month for that plant. To enter into the drawing all you need to do is make a comment on the YouTube video and that’s it!

At the beginning of the following month we’ll use and randomly pick out the designated number of names of which will be the winners of the free plants for the month. You can only win one freebie for the month even if your name comes up multiple times. You can however win multiple months.

The drawings will be recorded and released in another video as well as posted on our website and Facebook page shortly after each drawing takes place. To claim your free plant we ask that you email us at with “Free Plant Winner for January” or the respective month in the title. In the body of the email please include your user name and tell us if it is from Facebook or YouTube along with your shipping address where we are sending your free plant. We’ll send out a free plant to each of the winners for the month at no charge.

Lastly, the term “free plant” could mean an actual plant, root cutting or seeds and will be identified at the time the post or video is released so you know exactly what you will be receiving. We do not have an official calendar as of yet but be sure to sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to the SubTerraOrganics YouTube channel and like the SubTerraOrganics Facebook page and you are sure to be kept in the loop!

Plant of the Month
(Link to video)

January – Comfrey
February – Yarrow
March – Calendula
April – Echinacea
May – Nasturtium
June – Borage
July – Basil
August – Lemon Balm
September – Black Eyed Peas
October – Garlic Chives
November – Thyme
December – Cilantro

Let’s make 2017 a healthy, happy and fun year for all!

Come grow with us!

Sub Terra Organics

** I am sorry to say that these giveaways are valid for USA shipping addresses only.

Updated 4/1/2017

11 Responses to Giveaway FREE Plants! Come Grow with Us!

  1. Sue says:

    I have a lot of shade on my property. If comfrey grows well in partial sun, I’d like a comfrey plant too!

  2. Acela Cruz says:

    Very informative YouTube video. I’d like some comfrey too!

  3. Acela Cruz says:

    Very interesting and informative YouTube video. I tried growing comfrey in the past but it died. I’d like some comfrey too!

    • admin says:

      Comfrey needs little attention. We mulch ours with wood chips to help keep the soil moist in hot sun, else you might have to give it some water because the leaves are so big.

  4. Marlena barnes says:

    Absolutely wonderful! I would like some comfrey too!

  5. Esther Miller says:

    I want some comfery.

  6. Tim B says:

    I realize I may be a bit late for your comfrey giveaway but I was curious if your have anyway I might be able to order some Comfrey from you, I have chickens, ducks, geese, and goats and am interested in growing it as a protein source for them.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tim! Yes the giveaway ended January 31 but we do have comfrey available for purchase. $9.95 + $2.95 for 10 root cuttings freshly dug along with instructions for care. We also have small starter plants that we sprouted and have grown a bit or 1 gallon plants that were grown in a pot for several months last season for $5.95. Plant shipping costs determined by weight. You can send us an email to for further discussion until we get our web store up and running correctly 😛

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