Borage a Wonderful Multi-Use Herb

Borage is edible, has medicinal properties and attracts pollinators and other beneficial insects. More »

How to Prune Basil for Bushy Plants and Greater Harvest

Read and watch how to prune your basil for consistently greater harvest More »


How to Prune Basil for Bushy Plants and Greater Harvest

thai basil in wood chips

Basil is absolutely one of my favorite herbs! I love the way it tastes, smells and is so easy to grow. It’s crazy how much basil leaves cost at the store considering how easy it is to grow all you’ll ever need. Growing basil from seed is very easy and stem cuttings will root in water in about 10 days. But the key to growing big bushy plants is understanding how to trim it!

Borage (Borago officinalis) Should be Growing in Your Garden

Borage (Borago officinalis) is quite an interesting herb with bright blue (or white) star shaped blooms that taste like cucumber! It is wonderful at attracting beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden. It is easy to grow, readily self seeds, and has medicinal properties too. Therefore, borage should be recognized as a must grow plant for your homestead and garden. 

Giveaway FREE Plants! Come Grow with Us!

Happy new year from SubTerra Organics, let’s make 2017 a great one together! We understand that times are tough as we are consumers just like you. One of our resolutions for this year is to become ever increasingly more sustainable by continually expanding our stock of perennial edibles and medicinal plants as well as beneficial insect attracting plants and flowers. Every person prepping or homesteading along with the permaculture enthusiast should embark on this journey with us by adopting a similar resolution. In these tough times we want to help by educating our readers and subscribers as well as providing a giveaway opportunity to get the featured plant for free!

Preparing our Planting Beds for Fall with Row Covers

The summer gardening season is over with cool weather setting in so it’s time to set some row covers. It’s a bit disappointing knowing vine ripened tomatoes and an almost daily pepper medley are coming to an end for many months to come. However, with the changing of the seasons comes a new excitement. It becomes greens, soups and stew season! Along with a change in diet and recipes comes a modification of growing techniques. As the cool weather sets in we’ve chosen to set up row covers to protect some crops. Follow along and see how we’ve done it.

How to Make Kale Chips

Kale is very easy to grow and will produce for much of the growing season. It can take some frost and therefore winter over nicely as long as temperatures are not too extreme. In colder climates the assistance of cold frames, row covers or unheated hoop houses can offer the needed protection and avoid freeze kill. Kale doesn’t like the heat and turns bitter or succumbs. Being a prolific producer, I am always searching for new ways to prepare and serve kale and one of the most fun ways is to make kale chips. Kale chips are easy to make let’s take a look.

Review of the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 Post Puller

Does the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 post puller work well for pulling out posts?

We had about 40-50 t-posts that needed to be removed and re-purposed elsewhere on the property. My buddy and I dug a few out while leveraging them back and forth. It was a chore to say the least! I researched for a better way. There are a few different post pullers on the market while the industrial ones being cost prohibitive for my purpose. Beyond pulling these t-posts out I do not foresee using a post puller often. Hence, cost was definitely a consideration. We purchased the Maasdam Pow’R Pull PP100 and it performed better than expected! Learn about our experience and view the video to see it being used in action!

Back to Eden Film Review

Back to Eden film

Back To Eden is a documentary about organic gardening. It is by far one of the most eye opening and thought provoking films about gardening ever made. “Back to Eden Film shares the story of one man’s lifelong journey, walking with God and learning how to get back to the simple, productive growing methods of sustainable provision that were given to man in the garden of Eden.” After viewing this film you will better understand how to achieve incredible results with less work and how to do things as nature really intended!

Feed Your Soil And It Will Feed You!

Who wants to grow large, great tasting vegetables in abundance?

I do, I do! I think we all have that desire in common! If you ask me, “what is the single most import issue to focus on in my garden?” I would say soil health!  After all the soil is the foundation to everything growing in the ground. Soil is not an inanimate object but rather a living ecosystem and a plethora of organisms and microbial activity. When the soil is healthy and active your plants will be too! Let’s take a look in more detail at maintaining soil health.